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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Warning! You are temporarily blocked from uploading photos
You will not be able to upload or tag photos for 7 days because of activity that we've identified as suspicious. Someone may have reported you, or you uploaded or tagged photos at an unusually high rate.

After this 7-day block is lifted, please follow these rules to avoid a permanent block:

- Tag friends only; do not tag people you don't actually know
- Do not upload photos showing obscenity, excessive violence or illegal drug use
- Do not upload or tag photos that harass or target other people

Visit the Facebook Community Standards page for a detailed explanation of these restrictions and how they work to keep Facebook a safe and respectful environment.
I understand that I should not abuse photos.

Facebook Community Standards


Ihsan Arifin said...

haha how come ouh?

shedameor said...

xtaw la. fb da gle..

Ihsan Arifin said...

haha. ihsan x kne block pun

shedameor said...

xpe2. nti kena la tuu. hehe

Ihsan Arifin said...

haha siut je mulut masin ni

shedameor said...

haha. jgn mrh yea. ki8

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